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5 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

5 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The growth of the food industry has led to an increase in demand for commercial kitchen equipment. However, when you’re new to the foodservice industry, it can be tricky to determine which pieces of commercial kitchen equipment your business will need. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of five key things you shouldn’t ignore when looking for commercial kitchen equipment of your own. Read on to learn more.

1. Kitchen Design and Style

Understanding the design of your commercial kitchen will help you determine which appliances you should buy. Consider the layout of your countertops, the specifications of your exhaust hood, and other important features regarding your kitchen’s layout. A commercial kitchen designer can provide expert advice based on your needs and style.

2. Public Safety Requirements

The public health department has set a standard for equipment used in all commercial kitchens to ensure safety is not compromised. There are specific laws that set the standard of the materials used for the construction of food preparation points. You need to be familiar with all these legal requirements regarding commercial kitchens to avoid buying kitchen equipment that does not meet these standards.

3. Cost

When you’re a new business, you want to be sure you’re not going over budget when you’re looking for new commercial kitchen equipment. Fortunately, with the proper research, you can buy quality and affordable commercial kitchen appliances. The initial cost of kitchen equipment may be high but, provided it meets your specific needs and is durable, it is a good investment.

4. Energy Efficiency

Depending on the number of people you’re serving every day, you could be using a lot of energy. For instance, U.S. schools alone serve approximately 4.9 billion lunches a year. To help cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, make sure to invest in energy-saving kitchen appliances.

5. Future-proof

It is important to always be on the lookout for new trends regarding energy consumption when buying commercial kitchen equipment. Equip yourself with knowledge on current and emerging trends in the commercial kitchen world to avoid buying obsolete and less efficient equipment. Conducting thorough and regular research in the restaurant business will help discover new, energy-efficient appliances.

Buying commercial kitchen equipment will be a breeze if you keep the above factors in mind. Remember to consult a kitchen designer in case you find it challenging to make an informed decision. Contact us today if you are looking to buy energy-efficient commercial kitchen appliances.