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What Appliances You Need In Your Commercial Kitchen

When you’re designing your commercial kitchen, you want to make sure you’re including all the right high-end commercial kitchen appliances to get your bulk cooking done right. The average commercial kitchen will have a bit more counter space, but room for appliances is still at a premium – you want to make sure you’ve still got room for cooking, even with all of your appliances. If you want to make the most of that space, here are the commercial kitchen appliances you absolutely need to have.

Commercial Ice Machines

Most people don’t immediately think to include ice machines when purchasing food service equipment, but a commercial ice machine can make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you’re in a restaurant and need to have ice for all your customer’s drinks, a commercial ice machine is a must-have in order to keep up with the flow of business. Keep your kitchen moving on time by purchasing a larger commercial ice machine that can accommodate the amount of ice you need in a given amount of time.

Commercial Refrigerators

Obviously, every kitchen needs a refrigerator, but commercial refrigerators are a better fit than standard refrigerators for any larger kitchen. Cooking in bulk, whether for a church, school, restaurant, or other business, requires you to store large amounts of food so you can be ready to prepare meals. Most refrigerators will quickly run out of space, but the right commercial refrigerator will keep you ready to prepare meals for many people at any time.

Commercial Ovens

Of course, no commercial kitchen has all the commercial kitchen appliances it needs without a proper oven. This is especially true for commercial kitchens that manage a large amount of baking. Commercial ovens give you the room and control you need to produce large numbers of baked goods in a reasonable time frame. Make sure you save enough room in your commercial kitchen design for this important piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

Planning a commercial kitchen can be a challenge, but having all the right commercial kitchen appliances can help you keep up with bulk cooking demands. For more information on commercial kitchen appliances like commercial ice machines and refrigerators, contact Thompson and Little today.

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