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Ask any kid what their favorite part of the school day is, and they’re most likely going to tell you that it’s lunch. A great school lunch requires an excellent cafeteria with all the best appliances available. At Thompson & Little, we’re proud to provide both commercial kitchen appliances and school kitchen design services to help your cafeteria be perfectly suited for all your cooking needs.

School Kitchen Appliances For Excellent Cafeteria Lunches

Whether you’re just looking for a new oven for your school kitchen or if you’re shopping to completely stock an entirely new cafeteria, we here at Thompson & Little have everything you need. Our commercial kitchen appliances are perfect for a variety of settings, meaning you’ll have the perfect equipment to provide bulk meals whenever you need them. When you need to purchase cafeteria equipment that will get you through school lunches for years to come, look no further than our wide assortment of trusted appliance vendors.

Trustworthy School Kitchen Design Help

While plenty of people understand what’s needed for a quality kitchen, designing a school cafeteria is a bit different to say the least. You need to be able to cook large meals relatively quickly, and that’s going to require a different set up than your standard kitchen at home. We here at Thompson & Little are proud to provide you with a school kitchen design company with almost 75 years of experience and school kitchen designers ready to tackle your project. We offer multiple solutions customized to your budget and menu type, so no matter how many students will be relying on your cafeteria for meals, we’ve got you covered and can help you cook up something wonderful.

For more information on our cafeteria appliances or how we can help as a school kitchen design company, email us at We look forward to helping you set up a perfect cafeteria and school kitchen as soon as possible.

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