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Outdated School Cafeteria Refrigerators Negatively Impact School Districts and Students

Outdated School Cafeteria Refrigerators Negatively Impact School Districts and Students

Some schools have outdated equipment such as inefficient refrigerators, outdated ovens, and more in their kitchens. This makes it difficult for even the best staff to store and prepare fresh, healthy foods. You want and need students to be healthy and well-fed so they can do their best in school. A lot of children depend on school meals to feed them whey they don’t have enough food at home. What does this mean for your school? It’s time to look into a new school cafeteria refrigerator.

Is Your School Missing the Proper Cafeteria Equipment?

When should you start when it’s time to replace outdated food service equipment such as a school cafeteria refrigerator? A food service equipment company is a great place to start. They have the school cafeteria refrigerator you need with the ability to provide more than one unit. You can also speak with them about other kitchen equipment as well as an updated school kitchen design that will improve the efficiency of the cafeteria.

Why rely on a commercial cooking equipment company? Over the past five years until 2019, the manufacturing industry for commercial cooking equipment has only grown producing an industry revenue that has increased from 2.2% to $3.7 billion annually. Innovative equipment works more efficiently using better technology. A food service equipment company offers the exact type of equipment you need to bring your school’s kitchen up to date.

What Does a New School Cafeteria Refrigerator Have to Do with Kitchen Designs?

Kids love going to the cafeteria for lunch. It tends to be their favorite part of school. Great lunches are made in school cafeterias that have been designed to flow efficiently, and that can only happen with the right appliances. It may not seem like it, but a school cafeteria refrigerator can make or break a kitchen. First, the kitchen needs to be designed to make it easy to get to the refrigerator without upsetting other tasks or interrupting the flow of food preparation. Consider having your school’s kitchen design overhauled to enhance all of your cooking needs.

Excellent School Lunches Are Prepared with Top School Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are ideal for school cafeterias. They are more robust and tend to have newer technology that most outdated appliances in school cafeterias now. Does your cafeteria staff struggle to produce bulk meals? They need the right cafeteria equipment to get them through the lunch crunch and more. It takes trusted appliances to truly aid your staff in providing healthy meals to students.

Your School Cafeteria Is Feeding the Future

New refrigeration appliances are a step forward in helping your school make smart food decisions. When your kitchen staff has the best resources, tackling challenges such as meal patterns and safe food handling just get easier, more streamlined, and efficient. Being able to cook large meals for many students means meals will stack up quickly. Without the best cafeteria refrigerators in place you risk wasting food that doesn’t stay cool enough and needs to be tossed into the trash well before it’s date of freshness has been reached. You would be tossing more money in the garbage in the long run versus purchasing new refrigerators that help you increase the number of meals made while providing the cold reserve needed to make those meals.

Get Equipment from Some of the Best Vendors

You need equipment that the best vendors can provide for your school. Speak with a friendly commercial kitchen equipment company that can give you the information need to choose the right equipment for your foodservice requirements. They are more than happy to help make a great impact and improve your school cafeteria.