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4 Standards of Efficient Correctional Facilities Kitchen Design

4 Standards of Efficient Correctional Facilities Kitchen Design

Every commercial kitchen comes with its own set of unique challenges. Correctional facilities kitchen contractors have even more challenges when it comes to providing prison kitchen design that is efficient and safe for everyone. Here are a few different ideas for ensuring that a correctional facilities kitchen is as efficient as possible while also protecting the lives of all those in the correctional facility.

Carefully Supervise Everyone

A standard commercial kitchen has its own standards of safety but those requirements are increased tenfold, as you’ll see when you talk to a correctional facilities kitchen contractor. Some prisoners may be focused on how they can use kitchen equipment to hurt other prisoners or officers in the facility. All food service equipment should be carefully supervised to prevent any accidents or harmful incidents.

Enhanced Food Prep and Production

Prison kitchens have to follow a carefully planned 15-item checklist that dictates how kosher meals meet “religiously certified” guidelines. Prisons also have to meet nutritional guidelines to make sure the inmates are getting the right amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diet. If you’re considering working with a correctional facilities kitchen contractor, you should consider the best way to make food production within the prison possible to make meals more efficient and help inmates be responsible for their own wellbeing.

Carefully Planned Layout

Many prison kitchens have inmates working on kitchen duty. This can mean that correctional facility kitchens have to be carefully planned so that there are no blind corners or chances for inmates to slip out with a knife or slip something dangerous into the food. Standard commercial kitchens are busy and crowded without much time to make sure that everyone is behaving. In a prison kitchen, keeping up with all workers – many of whom are inmates – is a must.

Working with the Right Contractor

Everything is in the details when it comes to prison kitchen design. The key to successful correctional facilities kitchen design is working with an expert correctional facilities kitchen contractor that considers each little detail so you don’t have to worry. Ready to get started with designing your most efficient and safe prison kitchen? Give our team a call today.