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Is Your Correctional Facilities Kitchen Able to Keep Up?

Is Your Correctional Facilities Kitchen Able to Keep Up?

There is a 15-item checklist that has been compiled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in regards to regulations that must be followed so kosher meals can be “religiously certified”. This is just one example of the regulations a correctional facility must go through in order to provide food. There are actually many others that must be taken into account when considering how to run a kitchen inside a correctional facility. This type of kitchen needs to be able to operate for long hours without equipment breaking, falling apart or quitting altogether. NSF health regulations must also be maintained. So, just putting in any type of commercial kitchen is not the answer. When your facility needs a new kitchen or upgraded kitchen, it takes the superior services of a correctional facility kitchen designer to tackle the job.

Speak with a Correctional Facilities Kitchen Designer

It stands to reason that you want your correctional facility to remain safe. That’s why it takes the services offered by an expert correctional facilities kitchen designer that can provide custom designs that specifically fit the floor plan and budget of your facility. You need high-quality foodservice equipment so the rigors and demands of providing hot, healthy meals can be met with ease. A correctional facilities kitchen contractor will work closely with you to ensure you get the kitchen design you necessitate.

Unique and Tamper-Proof Kitchen Designs Are in Your Future

A correctional facility should have a kitchen designed that is more than just safe and durable, it also needs to be tamper-proof. Foodservice equipment companies understand this concept. The correctional facilities kitchen designer you hire will create tamper-proof designs including top-of-the-line kitchen equipment that operates effectively. Work with engineers who are prepared to create a “prison package” that maintains security and safety so the needs of all inmates are met. The type of kitchen equipment used needs to be different from typical commercial equipment. Correctional facilities kitchen equipment must be modified to remove and reduce detachable and movable parts that could be utilized during violent acts.

An Expert Correctional Facilities Kitchen Designer Has a Proven Track Record

One of the most important things a correctional facility kitchen designer has to do is meet all codes and regulations. That is no easy task in regard to a correctional facility kitchen. You can also expect them to provide you with attractive designs from scratch, develop written specifications, comprehensive floor plans, rough-in locations, and detailed drawings that fully reflect a planned-out design. You will receive cost-effective solutions in regard to equipment costs as well as design solutions that fit around your specific budget.

Your Facility Needs Equipment That Can Withstand a Harsh Environment

It takes high-quality, tough equipment to withstand the environment in a correctional facility. Chances are, kitchen equipment is going to take a beating being used for extended hours of operation. Kitchen designs have to be planned and executed with intent. It takes the combined work of contractors, architects, and designers to fully design and equip a correctional facility kitchen that is robust, safe, and meets health codes and regulations. The layout itself needs to flow and be fully functional. It is an imperative part of the operation. Highly effective designs are required to save staff time and money when it comes to operational costs. Professional kitchen designers for correctional facilities will work closely with you to streamline operations while reducing overhead costs.

Get Customized Kitchen Solutions That Work

It takes a planned and well-executed process to successfully create and build a correctional facility kitchen. Effective designs are created with the combined experience of architectural firms and kitchen contractors that have experience when it comes to correctional facility kitchens. You can expect to be guided through the entire process from designing, planning, and equipment installation so every part of the kitchen your facility needs is built to meet exact standards and needs.