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3 Tips for School Cafeteria Design

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3 Tips for School Cafeteria Design

Cafeteria equipment doesn’t seem like something that comes with a lot of choices — as long as the students get to eat lunch, what else is there? You may be surprised to learn that there are actually many considerations to be taken when a school kitchen designer puts together a space that is functional for both students and staff.

These 3 tips for kitchen cafeteria design will hopefully help you think differently about your cafeteria equipment and design.

Create a Flexible Space

The most important aspect of school kitchen design is making sure it’s streamlined to get students back to their classes as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need to purchase cafeteria equipment, make sure it has the flexibility and flow needed to keep students moving smoothly from station to station.

Over time, you may even want to have the freedom to rearrange your dining area cafeteria equipment. School cafeterias are more than just a place to grab lunch — they’re also a place of socialization and relaxation for many students. They shouldn’t feel like they have to solve a math problem just to eat.

Meet Your Student Capacity

School cafeterias are lost if they cannot meet student capacity. Purchase cafeteria equipment that is not only long-lasting but also durable and reliable enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of students every day. Food service equipment needs to be dependable so that you can continue to serve your students without worrying about a breakdown or loss in capacity.

Encourage School Pride

Commercial kitchen appliances don’t always leave a lot of room for students to take on cleaning tasks themselves, but there are still ways that you can encourage school pride in the cafeteria. By setting up cleaning stations and areas for students to return their dishes and trays, you are encouraging them to take care of their environment and their school. Nearly 5 billion school lunches are served annually, making the school food industry larger than the largest U.S. restaurant chain.

That kind of effort takes responsibility from all parties to keep things running smoothly, including the students. When you purchase cafeteria equipment, keep the students in mind when you’re thinking of clean-up; the staff will thank you and the students will be encouraged to take care of their surroundings.

Purchasing food service equipment is a careful business that needs a lot of thought. Thankfully, you’re not alone in your decision-making process. Let Thompson & Little help you outfit your school cafeteria with the latest essential equipment for your school. Contact our team today to get started.