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Right Safety Measures for Correctional Facilities Kitchen Designs Are Critical

Right Safety Measures for Correctional Facilities Kitchen Designs Are Critical

There is a 15-item prison checklist from the Federal Bureau of Prisons that has to be adhered to so kosher meals can be ‘religiously certified’. This is just one challenge a correctional facility kitchen has to face. Every day, there are potential behavior problems from abusive diners that have the potential to ruin the flow of a correctional facilities kitchen. There is a high level of danger that could cause bodily harm since inmates are often employed. The safest correctional facilities kitchen design needs to be in place to protect everyone working within the space. The only way this can be accomplished is by using a correctional facilities kitchen contractor.

Correctional Facilities Kitchen Design Takes a Special Layout

Many security measures need to be put into place for a kitchen in a correctional facility. For example, blind corners need to be eliminated so there is always a clear line of sight directly in the kitchen. There shouldn’t be any space between appliances so inmates cannot step out of sight or hide. This calls for a top correctional facilities kitchen design that ensures all inmates working can be closely monitored. There shouldn’t be any space for hiding objects or stashing food either. All of this and more can be discussed with a contractor that can ensure the kitchen in a correctional facility is as safe and streamlined as possible.

Correctional Facilities Need Food Service Equipment That’s Modified

An expert food service equipment company understands that a correctional facility needs a certain type of foodservice equipment. That’s why they provide equipment and kitchen appliances in ‘correction packages’. Civilian appliance models have been modified to specifically fit into kitchens in correctional facilities. Some of the differences include appliances being more durable and decreasing the amount of detachable and movable parts. More caution is taken in creating kitchen equipment since something simple could easily be transformed into a weapon.

Correctional facilities kitchen design contractors know how to find suitable equipment from top manufacturers that know how to think and plot like a prisoner working in a kitchen. Products should be tested over and over considering prisoners have nothing but time on their hands, so creative measures have to be taken when designing equipment for a correctional facility kitchen.

Design Specialists Know Safe Correctional Facility Kitchen Designs Are in the Details

It is said that the devil is in the details, and nothing could be truer when it comes to the design of a correctional facility kitchen. Even the smallest details can cause the biggest, life-threatening problems. Working in a jail or prison environment is stressful enough as it is. Prison kitchen designs should be covered by contractors with years of experience so they can positively plan an efficient and safe correctional facilities kitchen design for your facility.

Kitchen Designs Need to Keep Up With Health and Safety Standards

Not only does the kitchen equipment need to be robust for long use, but it also needs to be able to maintain health and NSF regulations continuously. The same goes for kitchen designs. Kitchen design for a correctional facility should be durable, safe, and provide the ability to be used with optimal productivity. That takes designs that not only fit your floorplan but also your budget.

Most Prisons Require Custom Work

In order to fully meet your needs, correctional facilities kitchen designs can work within your specific floorplan. Equipment can be customized so you get tamper-proof designs that fully fit the needs of your kitchen. A ‘prison package’ can be designed specifically for a correctional facility with top priorities being security and safety while meeting all codes and regulations. Using the services offered by skilled designers means that you get a design created from scratch for comprehensive floorplans, detailed drawings, written specifications, and rough-in locations so you can view a thoroughly planned design. You are guaranteed to receive cost-effective solutions that perfectly fit your budget. Get a quote for superb correctional facility kitchen designs to get started.