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How to Make Sure Your Kitchen Equipment will Fit Your Space

How to Make Sure Your Kitchen Equipment will Fit Your Space

The restaurant industry pulled in around $863 billion in sales in 2019, making it one of the largest industries in the world. To match the power of this industry, restaurant owners can sometimes be left scratching their heads on where to find the best kitchen equipment and equipment that will fit in their space. Utilizing these tips can help you solve that problem.

Determine What Type of Equipment You Need

Not all equipment is created equal and some types of equipment are better suited for different environments. Is this equipment going in a prison, a school, or a restaurant? Consider that when it comes to healthcare kitchen design and prison kitchen design, there is often more room that needs to be utilized than that for a restaurant. This is due to the kitchen needing to serve many people quickly. Speaking with a restaurant supply company can help you determine which equipment and how much of that equipment you will need for your particular location.

Consider Dimensions

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to commercial kitchen design is a lack of measurements. Some people skip this process and get right to ordering the equipment that they need. The problem that then happens is that the equipment arrives, but then everything does not fit properly into the kitchen. This leads to headaches that were avoidable in the first place.

You will want to take measurements of the entire kitchen and may even want to draw a model that is to scale. When you are told or see the dimensions of the equipment, you can then plug them into the model to see if they fit correctly.


Not all restaurant supply companies are made equal. This is why it is important to do the necessary research to ensure that you land on a company that values you as a customer and provides you with high-quality products. You do not want to spend the time and money on large restaurant equipment only to have it removed or replaced in the near future.

Thompson Little prides itself on providing high-quality restaurant supply services and expert customer services. Their professional team can help you through every part of the selection process, providing you with unique solutions.