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Tips for Purchasing Hand Sinks

Tips for Purchasing Hand Sinks

Hand Sinks are an absolute necessary in any kitchen operation. They should be readily available and visible throughout the food service operation. Here are some helpful tips in picking out a hand sink for your operation, the location of those hand sinks, and the number of hand sinks you need.

1. Always determine what your local health code states about the use of hand sinks. It is best to consult your local health inspector before moving forward with your decision.

2. As a rule of thumb, kitchens should have one hand sink for every 5 employees

3. There should be one hand sink for every 300 square feet of facility space

4. There should be one hand sink for each prep and cooking area in the kitchen operation

5. Operators should have a hand sink in every work station

6. Washing of hands helps prevent the spread of food borne illnesses, so you can’t have too many hand sinks in your operation

7. It is advisable to always purchase a hand sink that is NSF certified. ADA certified hand sinks are also available to allow for wheelchair access.

There are many upgrades and advancements in hand sink technology. You can purchase hands-free operations with an electronic eye, and there are new models that use the running of the water to re-generate the battery for the electronics of the hand sink. You can also purchase splash guards as an option on either side of your hand sink. Should you need a portable or mobile hand sink, come and speak with one of our Sales Reps!

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Written by Drew O’Quinn, Vice President, Thompson & Little, Inc.