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The Importance of Bar Layout and Design from Krowne

The Importance of Bar Layout and Design from Krowne

Building stainless steel bar equipment from the ground up entirely in the U.S.A. requires a lot of people, knowledge, machinery and material. Krowne has spent nearly 68 years refining and mastering the process involved in producing underbar equipment and refrigeration that has led us to become a leader in the industry. It may seem logical that our focus lies solely on the manufacturing and shipping of underbar equipment.

What many people are not aware of is the constant research and development done by our Bar Layout and Design specialists in an effort to evolve our product offerings. The main goal is to create more efficient bar layouts that not only benefit the restaurant owner, but the patrons as well. Our efficient and ergonomic layouts facilitate a more profitable bar through innovative designs that reduce the amount of movement required to prepare a drink.

A well designed bar WILL pay for itself.

It would be easy to simply accept a project, build it to exact customer specs and ship it out. However, at Krowne we like to take it a step further and understand why the customer is designing it a certain way. Do they want the bartenders to use multiple workstations? How many bartenders will be working concurrently? Will this bar have wine, spirits and beer? These are all very important questions because they directly correlate to our layout decisions. After various field studies we have determined that our efficient layouts not only increase profits and efficiency at a bar, but also boost bartender morale as they have a defined work space used to prepare drinks.

We are also innovators of bar ergonomics. We are constantly redesigning bar equipment to keep the bartender facing the customer as often as possible. To do this we have created places to keep liquor, wine, beer and mixers all in the front of the bar. From bartenders to restaurant owners to the patrons they serve, we have you covered.

We don’t just build bars, we design them!